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We’ve always known that it’s crucial to environmental impact by choosing more sustainable fabrics, using recycled materials whenever possible, and limiting the waste created by our garments and our stores. We’re always working towards doing better: here are some choices we’ve made to address our impact.


Organic Cotton

We use GOTS-certified organic cotton, which means it’s grown without pesticides, toxic dyes or finishes: it’s manufactured in conservation of natural resources.

Pima Cotton

Pima cotton is a premium yarn that is harvested in long fibres, giving a smooth and lustrous finish: it’s grown organically with strict practices that protect the soil it comes from.


Tencel is made from a renewable and sustainably-sourced wood material: it’s sustainable growth process uses less water and no pesticides or insecticides.


A natural and sustainable fabric made from the flax plant, linen is lightweight, breathable, and uses much less water in its growing process than other fibres.

Recycled Fibers

Regenerated, repurposed and reimagined: our polyester is made of recycled fibres sourced from previously used materials.


Recycled Materials

All of our mailer envelopes are made from post-consumer recycled materials that would’ve been waste, but we put them to use.

Completely Recyclable

Our shipping boxes, carry bags and packaging like swing tags are 100% recyclable: after you receive and recycle them, they’ll be turned into useful materials instead of getting tossed.

FSC-Certified Hangers

Globally, an estimated 8 billion hangers are thrown into landfills every year: our in-store hangers are crafted by sustainably-sourced wood and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC)—they’re sturdy, environmentally-friendly hangers that we reuse and never need to throw out.

We take our commitment to sustainability very seriously, which means that we know we can always do better: we promise to continue to be diligent and improve as we grow.

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