Behind The Fit

Behind The Fit - We made it fit.

Conventional sizing

wasn’t a good fit.

So we’re working on it.

When it comes to what you wear, we’re always learning you. With each season and each style we get better and better. We commit to making fashion fit for more and know that takes work. We don’t have every size—for now, we’re committed to fitting this range right, staying in our lane, and building from there.

Sought-after fabrics—like cashmere, European linen, Lyocell & Japanese crepe—are carefully chosen for their lasting quality & superior feel.

One fit does not work for all: our range of cuts, shapes and silhouettes let you choose the right fit for how you want to feel.

Structured shapes that become staples in your closet. Designed, cut and tailored to create flattering lines for the structure and silhouette that suits you best.

We have the range: our garments are designed for you to create a bold statement look if feel like it, or to layer the perfect daily essentials.

Your body is your business.

Fitting it is our expertise.

Your body is your business.

Fitting it is our expertise.

Here to fit you

Come and experience our clothes and consult with fit experts. Stay as long as you see fit.

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