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The Weather-Proof Puffer Coat

$299.95$149.95 AUD

colour: Army Green

Smokei is 178cm and wearing a size 10 AU

The Weather-Proof Puffer Coat

A wardrobe staple for staying warm when things cool off: this Puffer Coat has an all-down insulation to keep you cosy and comfortable in cold weather, plus a water-resistant polyester exterior. Removable hood, two-way front zipper—adjustable closure at the back lets you cinch the waist.

A lightweight, shower-proof, down-filled coat that keeps you warm without feeling bulky: its adjustable closure in the back lets you bring the waist in for a more fitted silhouette.           


Notes from the experts

A very smart coat: this weather-proof, down-filled puffer protects your outfits from the elements—its sleek details and expert tailoring make it a good look all its own.

1Removable hood, two-way front zipper.

2Down filling, shower-proof exterior, lightweight feel: keeps you dry & warm, not weighed down.

3Adjustable back closure lets you control the waist: cinch it for a more fitted feel.

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