Our knitwear is crafted using a range of premium fibres and yarns, each with its own unique properties and requiring specific care. Following your garment’s care instructions ensures you a perfect fit, season after season.

How to Care

Clean Gently

As a general rule, knitwear needs to be treated gently. Hand washing inside out with a wool wash in lukewarm water is a good baseline. However, each yarn and blend is slightly different so make sure to check your garment’s tag for specific care instructions.

Roll and Dry

Place knitwear flat on a towel, then roll it up to remove excess water. Lay in its natural shape on a towel or rack to dry. Wringing to remove excess water or hanging to dry will stretch the fibres.

Store Safely

Once dry, fold your knits and place them in a cool, dry space away from direct sunlight. Use lavender or cedar blocks to prevent moth damage. Knitwear should never be hung.

About Pilling

Pilling is an inherent characteristic of some yarns that occurs when short fibres come to the surface of a garment and clump together. The pills that form can be easily removed with a pill comb, pumice stone, or motorised pill device. We use premium yarns that pill less and less with wear.

To avoid pilling, choose garments knitted from cotton or merino yarns, which have cleaner surfaces.

Know Your Knits


Wool is a warm, durable and breathable natural fibre that is both biodegradable and a renewable resource. Still, it needs to be treated with care. As the fibres are relatively short, they are somewhat more susceptible to pilling.

Merino Wool

Merino Wool is a premium yarn with excellent breathability and drape that creates refined, light-weight garments. Its long-staple fibres make it less susceptible to pilling than standard wool. As a natural fibre, it is both biodegradable and renewable, but must be treated with special care.


Versatile cotton is soft, breathable, and super comfortable. In our knitwear, cotton is blended with either a touch of cashmere or a mix of wool and silk to create an even softer handfeel. These garments have a smooth surface and are a great option if you want to avoid pilling. As a natural fibre, cotton needs to be treated with care.


Alpaca wool is known for its lightness, creating a luxuriously soft and warm garment with exceptional breathability. We knit it together with merino wool, nylon, and elastane to add durability and texture. The hint of elastane adds both stretch and recovery for a more comfortable fit. As a natural fibre, Alpaca needs to be treated with care.


Yak fibres are soft, breathable and luxurious, with a natural elasticity. This lightweight yarn is sourced from the underbelly of the Tibetan Yak, and blended with Merino wool in our knitwear.

Viscose & Nylon blend

Viscose is a comfortable, breathable natural fibre, while nylon provides stretch and retention. The blend is cool to the touch and has a crepe-like handfeel that is perfect for layered and transeasonal dressing. Used in compact Milano and rib stitches, it has a smooth surface that produces minimal pilling.


Lyocell is natural, sustainable fibre made from wood pulp. We blend it with fine Merino wool for warmth and elastane for stretch and recovery. Used in compact Milano and rib stitches, the blend has a smooth surface and compact surface that produces minimal pilling.