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Ashley Graham

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Ashley Graham is a supermodel, a podcast host, a mother, and much more. She needs her wardrobe to work overtime, like a lot of us do.

We’ll let her tell you what she loves & why—shop all her Commonry must-haves here.

“These girlfriend jeans, they fit perfectly: they needed no altering, which is bizarre to me because all of my jeans need altering...there’s just the perfect amount of stretch.”

“There is nothing more important than fit when it comes to clothes.”

“I love that Commonry has this emotional impact they’ve put in the clothes because you can feel it, because this is made and tailored for me.”

“Comfort is key but also looking chic and having a good time”

“I’m tired of having to explain my clothes, explain my size, explain the fact that I just want clothes that fit. And I think there’s women that feel the exact way same as me.” – Ashley Graham for Commonry


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